Museification versus Life- Workshop with point supreme 

_ Syracuse, Italy 2017

This project was part of a 4 day workshop with Point Supreme architects at the first edition of Made Labs under the theme “Authenti-City (or the Unesco paradox)”

The workshop consisted in proposing a new program and space in the Island of Ortigia that responded to the needs not of the tourists, but on the few locals that still remained in the island.  According to Point Supreme the city of Syracuse and its historic center, the Historical center of the Island of Ortigia, is becoming exponentially an open air leisure park like Venice, Barcelona and other highly touristic places; daily life is becoming increasingly difficult for locals. The value of the properties raises and at the same time there are not enough utilities (high school, supermarkets, sport centers, cinemas, etc.) for residents.

My proposal consisted in turning a plaza currently used for parking space into a sand pit with a diverse program including an open air cinema. In addition, the plaza aims to create a connection to the sea by being extended to a deck were locals can get an easy access to enjoy the water.