expo games

_Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2015

World Expos have become a platform to find solutions to global issues where innovative thinkers from all over the world share their ideas. The current model of Expos, defines the success of these events in the number of visitors, rather than on the understating of its content. In addition, with a wide variety of exhibitions and shows visitors have a difficult time focusing on the main themes and insights. 

Rotterdam might be the host of the World Expo in 2025. In order to foster visitors in focusing on the content and to help them have a richer experience, this project adds a game layer over the event called: “The Expo Games” hosted at the Akragon Tower. By introducing them, it is expected that visitors can become more engaged and entertained while visiting the different venues. 

Read the whole manual here:  https://issuu.com/alecalderon2/docs/the_expo_games__s_